Datuk Faridah Hanim Haron or affectionately known as Ibu Hanim (Ibu is ‘mother’
in our native language), is the President of Annems Leadership Solution and
Annems International Sdn Bhd. In 2017, she was conferred the ‘Panglima
Mahkota Wilayah’ (Federal Crown Knight) Award that brought her the
recognition of the title “Datuk” by His Majesty Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka
Baginda XV Sultan Muhammad V, for her contribution during her service as a
Leadership Development and Learning Advisor at Malaysian Anti-Corruption
Commission (MACC). She was also appointed as the Advisor to Group Operational
Excellence Division, PETRONAS, a National Oil Company, in regards to matters
related to Organisational Development and Change Management.
She has 20 years of experience in the field of Human Capital Development and
has experience in leading Organizational Change, Transformation and
Development focused projects on Quality Improvement. In addition, she is also a
Certified Professional FacilitatorTM which qualifies her to be the facilitator for
solving complex issues. She also holds an MBA (Entrepreneurship) from the
Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship, which makes her very knowledgeable
regarding the entrepreneurial world and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.
Her broad experience as an Organizational Development / Change Management
and Leadership and Learning Development Specialist at PETRONAS, a Fortune
500-based National Oil Company, has frequently received invitations to advise
many of Malaysia’s leading Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) companies. Her
experience was developed by her consistency in rated as a High Performer
exceeding expectations which in turn recorded as a constant performer and
achiever in PETRONAS.
Because of her vast experience across her field, she was appointed as an
Organisation Advisor to several prominent SME’s Companies throughout Malaysia.
She is also the Board of Directors and Shareholders for 3 ‘Public Limited Company’
in Malaysia. While her experience has breach the borders across Malaysia, Faridah
has also penetrate the Indonesia borders and was also appointed as the Board of
Expert at ACT Consulting Indonesia including an Advisor for 17 subsidiaries of ESQ
Today, she is very committed in helping, advising and guiding Small Medium
Enterprises (SMEs) companies to succeed the vision & mission of giving birth to
local companies that will eventually become the pride of the country.
In order to make her vision & mission come true, she has set up another company
called Annems Andersons Capital Berhad which will focus to identify, incubate
and plan the work of leading SME’s companies to become a ‘Public Listed
In 2019, Datuk Faridah Hanim Haron was nominated to receive the Industry
Leadership Award (Business Training and Consulting) at the Industry Personality
Award and Malaysian Entrepreneurs 2019 by Niagatimes & also the Special Award
at ‘The Young Council CEO Award’. Both awards were also presented by YB Datuk
Seri Mohd Redzuan Bin Md Yusof (Minister of Entrepreneur Development).
As a Leadership Guru, with thousands of followers and students amongst the
young Malay entrepreneurs, Faridah’s sacrifice and battle to educate them using
the latest methods and techniques which she learned from her vast experience in
a multinational Fortune 500 organisation, resulted positively. Her presence in the
outside world among the public gained strong attention and still going strong.
Faridah is currently the reference point to subjects related to Leadership and
Organisational Development. Faridah sacrificed her off hours working time and
weekends to ensure that all her available tie was made in good use.

Her experiences include:
Collaborated with some of the leading International Business Consultants
(including: McKinsey, Crosby, Boston, Accenture, Denison, Partners in Leadership
and others), they created formulas and methods for organizational development
and business endurance.
In addition, she has conducted training and consulting on joint projects that
includes the involvement of both domestic and foreign companies.
She has also served as Chief Judge for various Quality Conventions, Change
Consultants and Advisor that is experienced in managing complex
transformational business projects that requires Organizational Development and
Change Management skills in delivering effective strategies and tactical
approaches. Her great success has been able to transform many organizations and
businesses to ensure consistency in performance.
She has presented paper works at several seminars, forums and conferences as
well as implementing transformational projects for both domestic and foreign
During her period at MACC, her expertise in using the 6D ISD Model (designed by
Faridah) allows her to analyse organisational needs and performance gaps as a
basis in proposing the learning solutions for the organisation. This effort directly
facilitates the effective implementation of the MACC’s Strategic Talent
Management initiatives.
As the only specialist in Leadership Development, Faridah is the sole reference
point for MACC and many other government agencies that seeks for her expertise
and advice.
She also provided learnings to many other corporate sectors, amongst them were:
KTMB, RHB, Richworks International, LFSA, EXCO of Melaka, FELCRA, MTDC, CMC,
OLIVE House, UiTM, UPM, JKR, MAWIP, De’Xandra, Mary Jardin, Ayam Bismi, Siti
Khadijah Telekung, Natugee, Tun Teja, Alam Reka, and hundreds more.

Apart from her many positions throughout the years. Datuk Faridah HanimHaron
is also:
1. Former Leadership and Learning Development Advisor at MACC.
2. Advisor and Organizational Development and Leadership Consultant for 17
subsidiaries of ESQ Indonesia and Board of Expert at ACT Consulting Indonesia.
3. Advisor, Shareholder and Board of Directors for MDC Asia Link Berhad.
4. Advisor, Shareholder and Board of Directors for Precession Capital Berhad.
5. Organization Advisor and Shareholder for NSTY Worldwide & NCIG.
6. Organization Advisor for Jamu Empire Sdn Bdn (Jamu Tun Teja).
7. Organization Advisor for Jardin Beauty Sdn Bdn (Mary Jardin).
8. Organization Advisor for Raffelinna Sdn Bdn (Sisfel).
9. Organization Advisor for Oshien2u Sdn Bhd (Dexandra).
10. Organization Advisor for Dataran Tok Mydeen Sdn Bhd.
11. Organization Advisor for Fasyeera Empire Sdn Bhd (Charms).
12. Board of Advisor for National Book Development Foundation.
MBA in Entrepreneurial
Certified Professional Facilitator, CPFTM
Certified Lead Auditor for ISO9000
Certified STRADA Experiential Learning Methodologies
Certified in MBTI® Step I & Step II (EIR)
Certified Personality Traits SHL OPQ32©
Certified Talent Finder©
Certified Facilitator in Change the Culture Change the Game©
Certified DC Psychology International Trainer
Certified Human Drive and Motivation Trainer
Certified Dynamic Speaking Trainer
Certified Colour Brain Communication
Certified Curriculum Development
And many more